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Data Scientist

Bengaluru   |   Intern

What would you spend most of your time doing?

As a data scientist at Locale, you will do much more than just analyzing data, you will build systems that make decisions for thousands of people moving on the ground. We believe large scale movement data will play a very critical role in making everything from ride-hailing to logistics to city traffic more efficient and it largely remains untapped.

This is perfect for you if:

  1. You know data-science is much more than machine learning and deep learning. 

  2. You take the time to clearly understand the problem, the constraints that apply, then formulate a hypothesis and know how to test it quickly.

  3. You obsess about correlation-causation and know all the jokes on it. You know the importance of designing the right interventions while tracking the right metrics. 

And most importantly, you believe that with enough data we can create a simulation engine that can predict the future.

If you are looking to spend your 20s learning how to build a company from scratch, if building complex spatial models excite you, if you are mesmerized by what the world of GIS can offer or if you are passionate about zero-to-one, do reach out!

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