Senior Software Engineer - Backend/Data & ETL

Work Type: Full Time

What are we looking for? is a location intelligence and analytics platform with a mission to track and provide insights about anything that moves. Our platform is used by some of the biggest mobility, logistics, and delivery companies in the world. We are a closely knitted team of amazing and talented Engineers, Designers, and Marketing Specialists who love to solve hard problems.

Every once a while, a product comes to life that makes people wonder, why was this not done earlier? We at Locale believe that that's the opportunity we have stumbled upon. We are creating a new category, building a product that our users love and that we would always be proud of. Our vision is to become the "God Mode" for every commercial asset that moves in the world.

We are looking for a Software Architect who can shape the way people look at their operations and help build the world's first-ever operational analytics platform.

What would you spend your time doing?

As a Software Architect at Locale, you will be responsible for building and handling our data pipelines that handle 500 million pings in production. You will be orchestrating workflows, handling clusters, managing metadata, and transformations.

Apart from collecting and monitoring performance metrics, you will play an integral part in discussing and implementing security best practices. Being an enterprise-focused company, our systems don't scale linearly or even exponentially.

Every new customer brings the scale of millions of customers that they serve. We need to build robust, scale-ready, and fault-tolerant services from day one. Our clients rely on it.

☕ Engineering

  • Take end-to-end responsibility of the backend systems, balance the cost-benefit of a given solution and advocate the right way.
  • Design and develop highly scalable, reliable, accurate, and fault-tolerant systems with minimal guidance.
  • Ensure platform security and availability by enforcing high code standards, unit-testing, and automated test coverage.
  •  Build a distributed storage system that ingests terabytes of data per day and and troubleshoot distributed runtime scenarios.
  • Build reusable code and libraries and follow supreme code standards, rigorous unit-testing, and automated test coverage.

☕ Team

  • Lead architecture development discussions, mentor team members and communicate industry's best practices.
  • Approve final programs and features before releases and interface with engineering, design, and customer success teams.
  • Responsible for debugging technical issues inside a complex stack involving virtualization, containers, microservices, etc.
  • Own the releases and ensure the team is adhering to development schedules and deadlines.

You'd be ideal for this role if:

☕ Experience

  • 5+ years of software development experience, experience working in the B2B SaaS ecosystem.
  • You are an expert in Python or Golang and have a passion to deepen your knowledge in current technologies as well as learn new ones.
  • You have experience serving as the backbone for the engineering teams and building and growing it as well.
  • You love building and optimizing data pipeline architectures and have prior experience in distributed systems, data processing, and analytics.

☕ Skills

  • You have a robust understanding of SQL databases and relational database schema design, application and database performance, instrumentation, and monitoring
  • Fluent in system design principles and not in a particular language or framework. It will be your responsibility to evaluate all available options and pick the best one for the job!
  • Basic understanding of durability and fault tolerance to build a distributed and replicated system - we’re looking for engineers who understand durability and fault-tolerance
  • Basic understanding of DevOps (log rotation, reverse proxies) and other activities that give reliability to the software in development).

☕ Others

  • You love open-source as much we do! Bonus points if you are an avid contributor to the community (speak at conferences, meet-ups, etc.)
  • You can easily communicate abstract technical concepts to non-technical users and eliminate complexities.

🍩  Bonus points if you are excited about what we are building at Locale and love our product!

Our investments in you:

  • Free lunch 
  • Unlimited paid leaves 
  • Flexible work hours 
  • Get your own machine 
  • Frequent company retreats 
  • Competitive salary and equity

Tech Stack

  • The frontend is built on VueJS and Vue and we follow a component driven architecture.
  • Our backend services are written in Python or Go. Our applications are extremely data intensive and data consistency is our holy grail. Our infrastructure handles upwards of 50 million requests in a day.
  • We use Postgres and ClickHouse as databases. We use Kafka for our real-time streaming data pipelines and presto for large scale data processing.
  • We are fully hosted on AWS and use most of their services (EKS, RDS, Lambda, Code Pipeline, etc.) We use Docker containers for deployment and maintain CI/CD pipelines for quick iterations and testing.

We believe frameworks are only the means to achieve something. If you are only interested to use a particular framework, we are probably not the right fit. We are looking for someone with broad experience but previous experience with these technologies is a plus!

About us

We believe that great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. As an equal opportunity employer, we interact with respect, kindness, and compassion. We're not afraid to let go of existing beliefs as we learn new information and uncover better ideas. Since we are a closely-knit team, everyone has a say in terms of what we build the product, who we hire, what culture we should build!

We are composed of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, dreamers, and builders who believe that exceptional, high-quality experiences can seamlessly bring people together, create something kickass, and provide a meaningful sense of belonging.

If you are looking to learn how to build a company from scratch, if building systems at scale excites you, if you are mesmerized by what the world of data can offer, and if you are passionate about zero-to-one, we will see you on the other side? 

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