Backend / Data Engineer (Intern and Full Time Both)

Bengaluru   |   Full Time

What will you spend your time doing?

As a data engineer at Locale, you will be responsible for building and handling our data pipelines that handle 500 million pings in production. You will be orchestrating workflows, handling clusters, managing metadata, and transformations. Apart from collecting and monitoring performance metrics, you will play an integral part in discussing and implementing security best practices. Being an enterprise-focused company, our systems don't scale linearly or even exponentially. Every new customer brings the scale of millions of customers that they serve. We need to build robust, scale-ready, and fault-tolerant services from day one. Our clients rely on it.

Our tech stack:

Our applications are extremely data intensive and data consistency is our holy grail. Our infrastructure handles upwards of 50 million requests in a day.  Most of our services are written in Python or Go. We use Kafka for our real-time streaming data pipelines and presto for large scale data processing. Our primary database is PostgreSQL. We use docker containers for deployment and maintain CI/CD pipelines for quick iterations and testing. 

Our front-end is in VueJS and we follow a component driven architecture. 

This role is ideal for you if you are:

If you are excited about working in an early-stage startup and learn what it takes to build a company, this role would be great for you. We are looking for people who love to take ownership of things and drive outcomes end-to-end, then we should definitely talk! Since we are a closely-knit team, everyone has a say in terms of what we build the product, who we hire, what culture we should build! You would love working with us if you:

  • Fluent in system design principles and not in a particular language or framework. It will be your responsibility to evaluate all available options and pick the best one for the job!
  • Can do whatever it takes to get things done, who moves fast without breaking things, and insists on rigorous testing. 
  • Have experience building and optimizing data pipeline architectures and are excited to own the outcome of what you are building. 
  • Passionate about zero-to-one and to build a company from scratch and set up the base for everything. 
  • Bonus points if you are excited about what we are trying to build at Locale and love our product!

About Locale:

Locale is a location analytics company for companies to measure their operations on the ground. We recently launched our self-sign up product and it is an exciting time for us. Our vision is to help every company with delivery and movement attain the same level of location intelligence as Uber.

Some pre-reads:

If you are looking to spend your 20s learning how to build a company from scratch, if building systems at scale excites you, if you are mesmerized by what the world of GIS can offer and if you are passionate about zero-to-one, we will see you on the other side? :)

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